About Us



Tim Scott learned woodworking at his granddad’s knee; by the time he was 10 years old he was hanging around his grandfather’s woodshop.

After high school he took a construction job, but with carpentry in his blood, he couldn’t help but work on cabinetry at night in his garage. By 1989 he was running his own business from that same garage; his current shop had its grand opening in 1994.

Today, Tim has a crew of seasoned woodworkers, and wife Patsy works part time as office manager. Tim has a motto for the way he works: “I’m never looking to for a way to make things cheaper, I’m always looking for a way to make them better.” Just ask his crew – they hear it from him all the time.

Tim approaches each job by gathering information from the customer during the initial visit. And once he knows what you want, he can build something functional and appealing. Of course, estimates are always free.

Most important, Tim says, is to create a friendship with each customer that can last years after the job is complete. “We want you to be happy and satisfied with any job we’ve done,” he says. “ A job is never done until the customer is completely satisfied.” “I make friends with my customers. Sure, I’m always willing to come out on a callback….but I’d be happy to see you if you just want to invite me for supper. “